Weight : 0,1 kg
INSTRUCTIONS : You can select the number of keys that you want to program by using switch 1 and switch 2. 1 key Switch 1 – OFF Switch 2 – OFF 2 keys Switch 1 – ON Switch 2 – OFF 3 keys Switch 1 – OFF Switch 2 – ON 4 keys Switch 1 – ON Switch 2 – ON 1. First turn the ignition ON, select how many keys you want to program, then plug the device into the OBD2 connector. The LED will be green for 6 seconds, then it will start to blink in red and green. This will continue for 10-12 minutes. Afterwards the key learning mode will be enabled. 2. The LED will switch off and buzzer will beep. 3. Now you have to turn the ignition OFF and remove the key. Then open and close the driver’s door (you have 15 seconds to do that). Avoid turning on or operating any accessories (radio, headlights, etc). 4. Wait until the LED becomes green (the buzzer will beep), then turn the ignition ON with the new Transponder Key that you want to learn. During the programming the LED will be blinking in red and green. 5. When the key is programmed, If you have another key to program, the LED will turn off when the first key is programmed. Then you have to repeat the procedure starting from 3. 6. After you have programmed all keys, the LED will start blinking in green and the buzzer will beep twice. In case of any error, the programming will stop, the buzzer will beep three times and the LED will start blinking in red.

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