POWER Locksmith Tools – Kit for destructive opening of cylinder locks. Break the locks in case of real emergency only.

The set contains:

Puller COMBO – multi-purpose – car or home locks!
Calibration strips with different diameter for precise withdrawal of the rotor locking mechanism.
Reinforced wrench to apply the required effort.
Retractable bi-metal self-tapping bolts with different diameter, made by means of a special technology, characterized by high tensile strength. Due to this basic effort the procedure is possible.
A tool for radial bending of low-profiled lock cylinders.
Portable toolbox.

*Tools are available for sale both as kits and individually.

Any unauthorized use of locksmith instruments shall be entirely at your own risk.

This tool kit is for force /destructive/ opening of house and automotive locks.

If you have any questions about this product, then feel free to contact us.

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Weight 2,8 kg

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